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Mobile Mechanic of Houston

With over 15 years supporting the local motorists around Houston, we have helped countless thousands of motorists in their time of need. Mobile Mechanic of Houstonhas been there 24/7 365 when vehicles have broken down at the most inconvenient of times and left motorists stranded with no assistance in sight.

Over time, we have built up a solid following for the many services we offer besides an untimely vehicle breakdown in Houston TX. With countless referrals from family and friends, the Mobile Mechanic of Houston family has grown way beyond any of our expectations, and all of this is thanks to two groups of people.

Without loyal customers, none of this would be possible, and we extend our hand in gratitude. The next group is the mobile mechanics in Houston who are there, no matter the time of the day and ready to serve motorists no matter what the problem or even tune up.

Houston Mechanic Services

One of the worst things that can happen to a motorist’s vehicle in Houston is the AC on their vehicle stops working correctly. This can come from multiple areas with the following symptoms:

Houston cannot just get warm, but humidity is the real killer when stuck inside a vehicle which has no AC.

All of our mobile mechanics who roam around Houston helping motorists, can carry out an AC repair and recharge in a short time. You can then get back on the road with that fresh,crisp air filling your vehicle. Often these problems are simple to resolve, and even if you are heading out of town, you can easily pull over and call our office. The closest mobile grease monkey can be with you and have your AC repair completed without adding too much time to your journey.

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AC Repair and Recharge

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What People Say

“I was stranded on my way back from Sam Houston Race Park to Pasadena when my motor blew a gasket. A passerby saw me struggling and so happened to have the number for Mobile Mechanic Houston. It was a good deed by a stranger and an outstanding job for a roadside repair.”



“When your brakes fail, it’s a hell of a scary feeling, especially when cruising on the 290. I coasted past my exit and pulled over. It was a little precarious, but the guy from Mobile Mechanic Houston got me up and running before anything drastic happened.”

S Melrose

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24 Hour Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair

It always happens when you least expect it, you can be driving along,and your vehicle dies beneath you. When this happens past six in the evening, there’s not much chance of finding a garage open who can come to your rescue.

Our Mobile Mechanicsin Houston operate twenty-four hours per day and 365 days per year. Now there’s no worry about being stranded. A mechanic open 24-hours is a blessing in the middle of the evening. From a quick call to our skilled staff, they can direct the closest mobile mechanic to your location, and they will be there in the shortest possible time. In a worst case scenario, and your vehicle would require being towed when a repair or breakdown is past the level of roadside repair in Houston, we have our own Houston towing service, and will make sure your vehicle and your family are safe as a priority.

Call us at 713-366-4432

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Where can I find a mobile mechanic near me?

This is one of the best features of Mobile Mechanic of Houston, there is no need for any vehicle owner to look for a garage, it doesn’t matter if they have a vehicle breakdown, or they want some remedial vehicle repair carried out or regular vehicle service.

We come to you, no matter where your vehicle is in Houston, you can make a quick call and schedule a mobile mechanic to come and visit the location of your vehicle to do the work. If given advance notice, we can carry out this work at your home, your place of work or even in the parking lot while you are shopping for groceries.

Our mobile mechanics are fully accommodating and trustworthy. This is half the reason why we receive so many family referrals. For years, we have tended to almost all makes and models of vehicles for rush repairs, or engine tuning in Houston when the vehicle owner was unable to locate a regular brick and mortar garage in their area.

Fast And Efficient Mobile Vehicle Repairs

We bring the shop to you!