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AC Repair & Recharge

AC can be one of the most comforting things while driving around Houston in a vehicle. When the temperature gets warm,and things get a little stuffy, the last thing any motorist needs is for their AC unit to stop working correctly.

In the case of simple repairs, many motorists will drive to their nearest Houston Autozone branch, but these close before midnight, so then what do you do?

Mobile Mechanic of Houston are on call 24/7 365 for all your AC repair and recharge needs, we have access to the most extensive range of OEM advance auto parts to make sure your AC unit is working as it should.

Houston Vehicle AC Symptoms

  • No fresh air coming through vents
  • A Strange odor coming into the passenger cabin
  • Poor air flow or Failure to blow air at all

One of the most significant problems Houston motorists face is weak airflow from their AC unit. Here are a few sample reasons why this happens.

Most of these can be fixed in a short time by one of our mobile vehicle technicians, it doesn’t matter if you call us for an emergency, which we are available 24/7 365, or as part of your vehicle service. We deliver on our highly affordable rates and have access to the most extensive range of OEM parts in Houston.

What People Say

“We was heading off on a road trip, the car was packed full then we found out it smelled like rotten eggs, and wasn’t cold. I called Mobile Mechanic of Houston, and they sent a guy within the hour. He spent 20 minutes on the AC unit, and another 5 getting rid of the eggy smell. Great job, and appreciated by all the family.”

C Willy

Spring Valley Village
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Why AC Units Have Weak Airflow

  • A hose might have worked loose. This happens on the blower hoses which supply air into the blower.
  • If there are any seal leaks,the whole AC unit can be weakened and not able to function at the correct pressure to cool.
  • Mold and mildew can accumulate from excess moisture when the system is cooling. This can prevent air from reaching the air vents from the condenser.

After weak airflow, or as a result of this weak airflow, the second problem with an AC unit is it doesn’t blow cold. When this happens, it needs the assistance of a professional mobile mechanic to perform an AC recharge. This can improve the cooling levels back to what they should be.

Here are the AC-charge car reasons for lack of cold air.

  • Faulty O-rings, hoses or seal components causing Freon leaks
  • Blocked expansion tubes or refrigerant hoses
  • Faulty compressor, clutch, blower motors or resistor
  • Damaged or defective condensers, evaporators,and Vacuum leaks
  • Broken switches, fuses, relays or control modules

Mobile Mechanic of Houston AC Performance Checks

When you schedule one of our mobile mechanics around Houston TX, they will arrive on the dot and give your AC unit a good going over. In most cases, it can be a quick service to get it running as it should because many problems stem from a lack of service.

Our in-depth vehicle  AC performance checks include:

  • Visually inspecting all the A/C components
  • Running a performance test on the unit
  • Perform a charge test to check pressures
  • Performing system control tests
  • Perform leak tests using approved leak detectors

When our skilled mobile mechanic has performed these thorough AC checks, he will give you a quick rundown of any work that might be needed. With your approval, he will carry on, or get any parts required. Whatever the case, you will be presented with the most affordable AC repair rates in Houston no matter what time of day or night it is.

After all, keeping our customers cool is one of our main objectives.

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