When Houston’s weather is hot, it feels good to get a blast of ice from your air conditioner. However, when your air conditioner only blows hot or warm air instead of cold, you need it looking at because driving in sweltering heat is no fun.

If you don’t have time to look for a garage, you might ask yourself, can a mobile mechanic Houston fix my warm car aircon?

Read on, and you can find a few reasons AC units don’t work, as they should.

A mobile mechanic spots the cooling fans are broken

The cooling fans may be the source of the warm air coming through your AC unit. Unfortunately, at times the cooling fan can be struck by debris from the road, causing cracks, dents, or even a malfunction.

It can take a mobile mechanic Houston to check underneath the vehicle to spot this, though if this is the reason, it won’t take too long to remedy.

Broken AC Condensers are a Primary Reason for Faulty AC in Houston

Condensers are the thing that keeps the coolant cool, thus allowing your AC to cool the air flowing into your vehicle. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason, the mobile mechanic will do some basic troubleshooting to find where in the system the fault lies.

In most cases, it is a quick fix to sort out the condenser issue, as it is another fault, which prevents the condenser from working.

Leaking Refrigerant on Your Vehicle AC

The most common reason that an AC system might be blowing hot air instead of cold is a coolant leak. The coolant circulates through the AC system and removes heat from the car’s interior.

If your AC has a coolant leak, then it will not remove heat properly, causing hot air to escape from your AC. For many, it can be challenging to find where the refrigerant is leaking.

A mobile mechanic in Houston will search through the system to find the leak, and once this is fixed, they will re-charge the AC system to make sure the refrigerant levels are at their optimum.

Finding Mobile Auto Repair Houston When You Need Them

It can be hard to locate a garage that can accommodate you quickly. No one wishes to drive around in the sweltering heat. To get ahead of the game, it is far easier to contact the likes of Mobile Mechanic of Houston. Name the place and the time, and the mechanics will arrive to make sure you can again feel that icy chill is flowing when the sun is at its highest.