We often spend so much time driving around, that there are new noises and we never spot them. However, if we don’t spot that, our vehicles need some attention; our cars are the first to let us know.

Attempting to diagnose strange car noises can be a challenge, but we do need to understand what the sound means so you can give useful information to the mobile mechanic.

Why do we do this? Because unlike us, a mobile mechanic Houston understands car noises and dash lights.

Read on to understand a bit more about the noises you may hear.

Mobile Mechanics in Houston Hate the Sound of Screeching

Screeching often comes from two areas: brakes or belts.

If you hear the screeching sound as you put your foot on the brake pedal, there is a high likelihood you have worn the pads to the bare metal. This can mean no more driving until you get the pads changed.

If there are screeching sounds, when you first start your car or accelerate quickly, this is a sign have a worn belt somewhere. This is a quick job for a mobile auto repair Houston mechanic.

Can You Hear Hissing or See Steam?

If you hear a hissing noise, this may be because of a leaky hose. The sound can be linked to either the cooling system or a vacuum line. Either will require immediate attention if you want to avoid an overheating car or a car with poor drivability.

If it is water-related, you may see steam pouring from under the hood. It is time to pull over and quickly call your 24-hour mechanic Houston.

Is There a Banging Sound As You Drive?

Knocking noises coming from the tires may be due to low air pressure or improper alignment.

Both will have adverse effects on the way you can drive your car, but can easily be remedied by a local Houston mobile mechanic. Making sure you have your tires in good working order can improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency. Misalignment is a little more serious, but it is still manageable wherever you are.

Vehicle Check Lights Don’t Fix Cars Like a Mobile Mechanic

A check engine light can be extremely confusing because it doesn’t give you any information about the problem.

Here are a few things that this light can mean.

  • Oxygen sensors need replacing – fuel mixtures will be out of balance
  • Catalytic converter – replacing this can be costly
  • Spark plugs or wires – these do need changing periodically for your engine to run at its most optimum

Rather than second-guessing what the noises mean, or ignoring the light on the dash. Contact Mobile Mechanic of Houston, and can have a quick service of your car in no time.