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Clutch and Transmission

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Vehicles come with two types of transmission systems. These are manual with a stick shift, or automatic where the vehicle performs all the gear changes for you. In regular operation, these have countless moving parts, gears and things that can go wrong leading to a clutch repair.

Here is a brief explanation of how the gear is changed in each vehicle type:


  • Automatic Transmission – depending on the speed of the vehicle, gears are changes when engine revolutions reach set limits. This requires nothing from the driver aside from pressing the gas pedal.
  • Manual Transmission – the driver pushes his foot on the clutch pedal and moves the stick shift to the next gear which can be up or down depending if they are speeding up or slowing down.

Houston Transmission Repair

The transmission system on a vehicle is the most complex area, and while driving it takesmore abuse than any other component. If you are looking for a transmission shop Houston TX area, then we can save you the trouble.

When you need a transmission repair, you can schedule one of our mechanics who can attend to your needs at any location and at any time or day of the week. Our highly skilled mechanics have many years working on this aspect of vehicles because even with regular maintenance in Houston, they can still wear. To prolong the life between parts being replaced, or your vehicle needing a mobile mechanic to carry out a repair, Mobile Mechanic of Houston recommends the following.

  • Have the transmission fluids checked at regular intervals? This should be changed if the vehicle is used to tow heavy loads or used in extreme temperatures.
  • Have the CV joints, drive shaft and flywheels regularly checked and maintained. These work with the transmission and can help reduce transmission or clutch strain.
  • Follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance periods
  • If the vehicle has been in a collision, have all the transmission checked as soon as possible.

What People Say

“My vehicle wasn’t going into gear no matter how hard I tried, then the pedal went all loose. I called Mobile Mechanic of Houston,and they sent a guy out. He said I was lucky I was on my driveway because the clutch could have gone when I was stuck in gear on the freeway.”

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transmission repair Houston TX 77023

Clutch and Transmission Preventative Checks

When you have your clutch and transmission checked and maintained, you can find any vehicle in Houston could have an improved fuel economy. They will though have a much better feel to them, and there shouldn’t be any worry about needing your clutch repaired at the most unexpected time.

So you can be aware of any clutch or transmission problems, here are a few symptoms you could encounter.

  • Clutch slipping when towing
  • The vehicle shudders while driving at any speed
  • There is a burning smell from under the hood
  • The stick shift can be hard to move
  • Transmission fluid looks and smells funny

Transmission fluids are recommended to be changed every 2 years if you have a vehicle which is used for towing, or you haven’t had a check on your clutch and transmission in the past twelve months, it is advised to schedule one of our mobile mechanics to give your transmission systems a quick test.

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