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Belt Replacement

Belts are one item on a vehicle which turns and operates so many things. They come in many types for different operations, and some are crucial in the operation of your vehicle’s engine. More often they are used for turning pumps such as the water pump, power steering, and other items, so if a belt breaks, all of the other things stop working. In Houston with warmer weather, these belts can wear faster than different climates.

What People Say

“My serpentine belt frayed and things went from bad to work until I pulled off of the freeway. I rolled to a halt and jumped on the phone to Mobile Mechanic of Houston, and they came out the same night. They changed to belt in minutes and checked all the engine before saying the job is done.”

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belt repair Houston TX 77023

Two Major Engine Belt Types

Serpentine Belts – these are the ones who drive all of the various accessories such as pumps and fans and all the other things they are used for. With these, they take quite a lot of abuse because they are spinning all the time the engine is in operation. A belt replacement for this belt is quite an easy task for a professional mechanic. In most cases the old belt has worn or frayed to an extent it falls from the engine.

Timing Belts – When a serpentine belt fails, things will stop working, but, if your timing belt goes, this can damage your engine more and lead to some very costly repairs, or in the worst case, it can be a new engine.

A belt replacement of this type is more involved because of what it controls. All of your engine’s piston run on fine tolerances, and not only that, they are all kept in synchronization by the timing belt. When one breaks all the engines internals can do as they wish, so it takes a professional mechanic for a belt replacement of this type.

Mobile Mechanic of Houston have seen the results of timing belts which have gone, and it isn’t pretty on many occasions. Any Houston motorist who feels their timing belt has failed is advised to stop immediately and turn the engine off.

One of our Houston mobile technicians will check all of the crank seals, the camshaft and any other areas which could have been affected. Once this has been done, he will carefully fit the new belt and give the vehicle a test and re-set any timings if he needs to.

Rather than risk driving your vehicle in this condition, you are advised to call our local mechanics office, and we come to you wherever and whenever.

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