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Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

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Mobile mechanics can do so much more than working on your vehicle in Houston. Have you ever considered asking for assistance when you are looking at purchasing a new car? Some sellers do try and con car buyers by hiding problems, but if you enlist the services of one of our mobile mechanics, they can run through a set of checks to ensure you are getting the best value or if you should give the vehicle a wide berth.

Like all of our services, we give great value for money, and for a relatively small cost compared to the thousands you could spend on the vehicle which is either not worth the money, or there are problems under the hood so to speak.

It is unfortunate, there is still a considerable number of individuals who pass up the chance of pre-purchasecar inspection, and this usually falls into the following categories:

  • There are plenty of consumers who don’t know that pre-purchase vehicle inspections are easy and convenient to arrange.
  • Many people who are looking for a used car, are either unwilling or don’t have the budget to pay for additional inspections.
  • Many people anticipate there will be an aggravation when purchasing a vehicle when they ask a third party inspect their vehicle before selling.

Houston Seller Denying Your Mechanic

If the seller has nothing to hide, then they will agree to Mobile Mechanic of Houston checking their vehicle before a sale. But, even then, our mobile mechanics might spot something which could lead to a significant problem once you have bought the vehicle.In this case, the vehicle owner can’t be held to blame because even they might not know, but if a seller denies a mechanic access in Houston, then there is something amiss with the vehicle, and they know a mechanic will spot it.

What People Say

“I was making my very first vehicle purchase, my dad told me to call Mobile Mechanic of Houston to check the Mustang over. I’m so glad he did because it looked good, but underneath there were just too many hidden problems.”


car inspection Houston TX 77023

Houston Car Inspections are Highly Recommended

You can speak to any mobile mechanic, and they will tell you a pre-purchase inspection is well worth the cost. Some car buyers know what to check on the surface. Things like sticking a magnet to body panels to check for body filler, or checking inside the tailpipe for signs of burned oil. However, there are things only a skilled Houston mobile mechanic will spot on a vehicle inspection.

Test Drive

This is when a mobile mechanic really comes in use. With a test drive, they can feel if there is play in the steering wheel, are the brakes in balance and does the car go into gear as easy as it should. All these can be expensive repairs if there are problems, and it also gives the Houston mechanic an idea where to check when they look underneath the vehicle.

Accident repairs can have twisted chassis which aren’t apparent without checking, and if this is the case, it can be very costly to correct, or an insurance company could void any claim if they find out it wasn’t reported. This is regardless of who owns the vehicle or had the accident.

Our Houston Pre-Purchase Car Inspections Cover

We have the very best mobile mechanics on the road, and they have helped countless thousands of motorists over this time save thousands by performing a pre-purchase car inspection. When one of our friendly mechanics conductsan inspection, you will have a good idea whether or not to continue with the purchase.

In many cases where there are problem areas, you can get a lower price and a bargain in the process. The good thing if this happens is, you know who to call to correct this problem. Motorists in this position are in a win-win situation.

You purchase a car at a bargain price, and we give you the best possible rate for completing this work. On top of this, our mechanic already knows the vehicle because he checked it, and a mechanic who has a history with a vehicle can save lots of time and cost.

Here is a quick list of what we cover in our pre-purchase car inspections:

  • Verify the equipment listed, is everything there and working that is being sold with the car
  • It will be confirmed the vehicle is in the stated condition as it has been described.
  • Problems with the frame, chassis, engine or body will be highlighted if they have not been disclosed. Our mechanic can also give you a rough estimate for repair so you can use this as a bargaining tool.
  • Engine and body codes are checked for signs of tampering.
  • It will increase your buying confidence because you’ll know, you’re not wasting hard earned money.

Call us before you decide to purchase any vehicle, or if you are selling, we can perform a car inspection,so you get the best price.

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