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    Car Tune Up

    There’s no question taking care of a motor vehicle costs money over the lifetime you are in possession of it. Many people wait for an annual service and hope there will be nothing that goes wrong with it in between, and in a lot of cases, this is the case.

    One thing which is often overlooked is an engine tune-up and what it can do for your car in both performance and fuel economy. Mobile Mechanic Of Houston perform many of these engine tunes around Houstontx in the space of a year, and over 15 years, it mounts into the thousands.

    It might be the case, a motorist thinks more performance equates to worse fuel economy. However, this is far from the truth. It can be the complete opposite as we’ll have a look at what makes a difference.


    During an engine tune procedure, the mobile mechanics we send out will check all the vehicles fluids as one of the first things. It might not appear to have much to do with performance,but things need to be cooled and lubricated.


    Modern vehicles have many belts on their engines, these drive oil and coolant and also the camshaft to keep the pistons in time. If these are worn or not set correctly, an engine can be out of synch, and won’t be working efficiently.


    Most of these are a quick change, and to a vehicle, they can make all the difference especially in the local climate. The Mobile Mechanics in Houston can change all of these filters as part of an engine tune.

    Air Filters

    Excessive dust can clog an air filter, and when this happens, you can lose up to 14% of your MPG in a car with a carburetor. Total this over a year, and as ourlocal mobile mechanics will tell you, it’s a complete waste of money.

    Oil Filters

    These clean the oil which lubricates the engine, and if they become blocked, minute pieces of metal can find their way into the engine. Over time these metal fragments will score piston cylinders, and the job to fix that problem is expensive. There is also a clog, a buildup of oil pressure and the possibility of a blown gasket. In hot climates like Houston, oil will have a reduced lifespan because it reaches such high temps. When this happens, it breaks down and isn’t as effective.

    Fuel Filters

    Fuel can be full of contaminants and particles, this small filter stops all these from entering directly into the valves. If it gets blocked, it shows it was doing its job because your engine will stop working because no fuel can pass.

    What People Say

    “I was so glad I called Mobile Mechanic of Houston, my engine was running sluggish and my fuel bill hit the roof. It had been a while since I’d had a service, and with an engine tune-up recommended. I was firing on all cylinders.”

    J Walsh

    mobile mechanic houston tune up Houston TX 77023

    Ignition System

    This can cause more problems than any other area of your engine. It doesn’t matter what make or model, they all have the same impact. Modern vehicles can run slightly different, and more complicated when it comes to Houston engine diagnostics. Our skilled vehicle mechanics know all types, old manual controlled engines or computerized.

    Ignition Wires

    These can wear over time or lose their contact on the ends when this happens, it’s as good as the cable being cut. This problem is hard to see, so a professional Houston mechanic would use diagnostics to test current.

    Spark Plugs

    It isn’t often these break in use, but they do wear over time. When this happens, the fuel can’t be burned. Hence a lack of power and a severe lack of MPG because the fuel isn’t being burned effectively. If you here a bang from your tailpipe, it’s time to give us a call to get your vehicle sorted.

    Rotors and Distributor Caps

    These are on older vehicles and can cause as many problems like a bad spark plug. They also affect the engine timing by sending electricity to each spark plug in turn. Setting these isn’t for the average motorist to gain maximum fuel efficiency.

    To be safe, and to restore lost power while increasing your MPG, we have mobile mechanics who are just waiting for your call. No matter where you are located in the Houston TX region, they can give you a vehicle tune-up, and have you running like a new vehicle.

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