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Brake Service

One of the most crucial parts of a car is the braking system, and when there is a problem in any area of this, it can affect the stability and control of your vehicle.

Not only do they wear through use, but a vehicle’s brakes also generate vast amounts of heat, couple this with the Houston climate, and any good mobile mechanic would tell you it can lead to a brake failure at some point.

Here are a few pointers from the professional mechanics at Mobile Mechanic of Houston of how to spot a brake problem.

Brake Problems Signs and Symptoms

  • You push on the brake pedal, and your car veers to one side.
  • You press the brake pedal, and it takes much longer before your car comes to a halt
  • There is a delay when you press the brake pedal, or the pedal feels soft and spongy underfoot.
  • You push on your brake pedal, and your foot goes to the floor.
  • You have driven over 12,000 miles,or it’s been 12 months since your brakes were last inspected (recommended mileage or period level)
  • You are near, or you have gone past the prescribed number of miles the manufacturer recommends between brake fluid changes.
  • The brake warning light on your dashboard stays illuminated which indicates brake wear.
  • When start braking, you hear grinding or squealing noises.

What People Say

“I had shoddy pads on my rear brakes. The nice young gentleman from Mobile Mechanic of Houston said if I had driven for many more days, I might have been in a dreadful situation.”


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Houston Mobile Brake Inspection and Service

Our mobile mechanics check all of the following during brake service. If there is a need for any replacements, our mechanics will show you the problem area and receive confirmation before commencing with the work.

  • Measurements of wear and the condition of the front and rear brake pads.
  • Measurement of any rotor wear.
  • Measurement of drum wear and condition.
  • Brake fluid tests and level checks.
  • E-brake (Parking Brake) inspection.

When all the checks have been carried out. Our highly skilled Houston-mobile mechanics will provide you with a report and explain any work which needs to be carried out.

  • Installation of any new brake pads or shoes
  • Resurfacing (if possible) or replacement of brake rotors or drums
  • Change of brake fluid and brake bleeding
  • Replace worn brake lines, hoses, or other brake components

Mobile Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluid doesn’t stay effective forever. When there is continual heat or temperature fluctuate, it can break down through contamination due to condensation and moisture buildup. Our mechanics check that the fluid has plenty of life in it using a strip dip brake test.

Bleeding the Brakes

When brake fluid drops below certain levels, air can enter the system. This is one of the major enemies in brake systems,so all of our mechanics performing any local-brake service will bleed the brakes to make sure there is no air in the fluid.

Rotors or Discs

These are two critical parts of a modern cars braking system. The rotors hold the brake pads which squeeze the disc when you push on the pedal. Discs can easily become warped or pitted, and rotors can spring leaks in the seals. Our mechanics are vastly experienced in performing a brake service and checking for these faults.

Brake Pads

Any Houston mobile vehicle repair will tell you the brake pads are the thing which takes the most abuse in any vehicle. These push against the discs or the rear drums every time you push your foot on the brake pedal. They heat up and cool down and are subject to massive amounts of friction throughout any journey. During our mobile brake service, our skilled mechanics will tell you the condition, and if they need changing.

No matter which part of the braking system comes to us for a repair, our mechanics are hugely experienced in fixing any type of problem. They have access to the very best OEM brake partsso all brake repairs will be as good as if not better and quicker than if your vehicle went to a dealer. We also know, our brake service cost comes at the most affordable rates possible.

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