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Car Diagnostics

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It doesn’t matter how good a mobile mechanic is, but the way new models of cars are built, there is so much controlled by computers. Although this can help with the running of the car at its best when things are going right, it can be difficult to isolate a problem without the use of car diagnostic equipment.

One thing inside an engine can lead you to think a problem is in another area, so as soon as you begin to see that engine management light on your dashboard, you should give Mobile Mechanic of Houston a quick call.

Reasons & Symptoms For an Engine Management Light

  • Failing oxygen sensors
  • Faulty Ignition coils, rotor arms, or spark plug problems
  • Spark plug wires between the ignition coil and spark plugs
  • Catalytic converter problems
  • Faulty air flow sensors, these report the amount of air entering the engine
  • Engine vacuum leaks, this produces symptoms like ignition or fuel problems and will upset the air to fuel ratio.
  • EGR valve problems, the function of this is to reduce pollution-causing emissions
  • Increased gas consumption and lack of performance

In some cases, the engine dash warning light will either flash intermittently or remain permanently on. If the light is on, this could be a problem showing, but not yet in a severe state, however, this will never go without you calling a professional car mechanic to runs the diagnostics tests, and to eliminate the problem.

If you see the light come on at the time of starting your vehicle in Houston, this is okay because it shows the car is running through all the tests itself.

What People Say

“My vehicle was sputtering like it had a cold. I had no idea what it was until I booked a guy from Mobile Mechanic of Houston. He hooked my car up to his machine and ran a few tests. It was a half-broken wire which was shorting in the electricals. Top job, and saved me breaking down altogether.”


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Houston Mobile Mechanic Vehicle Diagnostics

Because newer vehicles contain so many electrical components, these vehicle diagnostics checks can take longer than usual. Error codes are sent to the cars computer which causes the light on your dash to show. However, depending on where the initial problem lies, it can stack up to 5 problem areas before this light shows.

A good mobile vehicle technician in Houston will need to check each of these areas to eliminate which ones result from the main problem area.

A brick and mortar garage might struggle to fit you in at your convenience, or out of hours. Luckily. Our mobile mechanics are available 24/7 365 to respond to any Houston vehicle owner who needs an affordable vehicle diagnostic test run at a location of their choosing.

There is no reason for anyone to inconvenience themselves by searching for a Houston garage near me. Our mechanics are there to do a car diagnostic test at the drop of a hat in an emergency. Call one today, and you could save yourself quite a lot of money by eliminating a significant problem which could follow.

Here is what is included in our mobile diagnostic service:

  • Visual inspection of related engine components for apparent
  • System analysis taken from computer-related printouts or display.
  • Pin Point testing carried out to eliminate problem areas.
  • Component diagnosis at each stage of the process.

Once these tests have been run with the mobile diagnostic tool, a printed report, or on display report will be shown to you. From this, you can see exactly what work needs to be carried out to eliminate the problem. We have spent 15 years being transparent and affordable to all our customers, and during this time, many thousands have had these tests carried out on their vehicles.

Mobile Car Diagnostics in Houston

The vehicles our mobile vehicle technicians use are full of the very best diagnostic equipment, they have the same diagnostics equipment as any garage,but the service you receive is much better because we come to you rather than leaving your vehicle.

Not many brick and mortar garages will give you a personal mechanic for the time it takes to run all of the tests. The service needn’t stop there, couple an affordable vehicle diagnostic check with your annual vehicle service in Houston, and you not only save time, but you can save some cost in the process.

Many errors which show from these diagnostic tests can come from irregular servicing, and with an easy call to our 24/7 support staff, and you can take all this upheaval away. All we need is a Houston location, and then you can leave the rest to us.

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