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Radiator Repair

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Failures in cooling systems can be the largest reasons a vehicle breaks down unexpectedly. Leaks can spring up unforeseenand within a short time, your engine can overheat, especially in the Houstonclimate where it can get quite hot.

One way to overcome these is to have regular checks so you will minimize the need for a radiator repair. These can range from a very simple hose change, to where your radiator needs to be taken from the vehicle for more extensive work.

What Happens With Engine Overheating in Houston?

An engine creates a massive amount of heat while it is being driven, this is cooled by circulating water through the radiator unless you have an old VW where the engines are air-cooled.
All through the cooling system, there are pumps and belts which can fail for one reason or another. Houston motorists might resort to topping their engine up with water, but this is a temporary check, and only delays significant problems.

The Houston TX mobile mechanics we have stationed around the city know all too well of what causes vehicle overheating. Here are a few things our Houston grease monkeys check:

Broken or loose fan belts
Broken or faulty water pumps
A thermostat which is sticking
A radiator which is clogged with dirt
Split hoses
Cooling fan failure
Most of these can be fixed in a short time by one of our mobile vehicle technicians, it doesn’t matter if you call us for an emergency, which we are available 24/7 365, or as part of your vehicle service. We deliver on our highly affordable rates and have access to the most extensive range of OEM parts in Houston.

What People Say

“My motor was boiling dry, and no matter how much water I threw into it, steam kept billowing out from under the hood. The kind gentleman from Mobile Mechanic of Houston wasn’t even working, he took a look and sawa previous repair was made with the wrong hose.”


overheating means radiator repair Houston TX 77023

Hard to Spot Houston Leaks

These hard to find leaks can be a nightmare for a vehicle owner, and for this reason, it is better for a professional mechanic from Mobile Mechanic of Houston to check over your vehicle at your convenience. Leaks which are hard to find are:

  1. Split hoses by the clips
  2. Leaking radiator caps
  3. Leaks in a worn water pump
  4. Head gasket leaks – these can be one of the worst because it contaminates the oil.

Mobile Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluid doesn’t stay effective forever. When there is continual heat or temperature fluctuate, it can break down through contamination due to condensation and moisture buildup. Our mechanics check that the fluid has plenty of life in it using a strip dip brake test.

Bleeding the Brakes

When brake fluid drops below certain levels, air can enter the system. This is one of the major enemies in brake systems,so all of our mechanics performing any local-brake service will bleed the brakes to make sure there is no air in the fluid.

Rotors or Discs

These are two critical parts of a modern cars braking system. The rotors hold the brake pads which squeeze the disc when you push on the pedal. Discs can easily become warped or pitted, and rotors can spring leaks in the seals. Our mechanics are vastly experienced in performing a brake service and checking for these faults.

Brake Pads

Any Houston mobile vehicle repair will tell you the brake pads are the thing which takes the most abuse in any vehicle. These push against the discs or the rear drums every time you push your foot on the brake pedal. They heat up and cool down and are subject to massive amounts of friction throughout any journey. During our mobile brake service, our skilled mechanics will tell you the condition, and if they need changing.

No matter which part of the braking system comes to us for a repair, our mechanics are hugely experienced in fixing any type of problem. They have access to the very best OEM brake partsso all brake repairs will be as good as if not better and quicker than if your vehicle went to a dealer. We also know, our brake service cost comes at the most affordable rates possible.

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