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Oil Change

mobile mechanic oil change in Houston TX 77023

One thing which needs doing to vehicles on a regular basis is an oil change. This job can also be one of the dirtiest performed on a car, and there is also the concern of disposing of any dirty oil and oil filter.

Making an Oil Change

The operation is pretty much the same for any vehicle on the road, and here you can see the steps involved when one of our Houston mobile mechanics performs the operation:
      1. Check the manufacturer’s oil type, and the amount
      2. Get together your new oil filter, wrenches, and other supplies.
      3. Prepare your vehicle.
      4. Locate the oil filter and drain plug (underneath your vehicle).
      5. Drain the oil into a suitable container.
      6. Re-tighten the drain plug.
      7. Change the oil filter (on occasion, these need a filter wrench).
      8. Add the new oil, let sit and then check oil levels.
      9. Run the engine and then let sit again.
      10. Give a final check of the oil level.

An oil change can be awkward if you don’t know what you are doing. You need to stabilize your vehicle and have access underneath. Any Houston mobile mechanic will tell you it isn’t much fun performing an oil change while having to lay on your back.

What People Say

“I called the guys at the Mobile Mechanic of Houston on a Sunday evening when I was about to head off to church. I spotted a big pool of oil under the car as I was leaving home. They came quick and checked where the leak was. I’d punctured my filter on a stick. Very nice man,”


oil change in Houston TX 77023

Houston Mobile Oil Change

The mobile mechanics in Houston will perform the same, but more effectively. On their mobile garage, they have the best equipment which can drain the oil form a vehicle leaving no mess.

Mobile Mechanic Of Houston is proud of all the service our mechanics perform day in and day out, they make everything appear easy.

Why Engine Oil is Crucial in Houston

Without oil in an engine, there is so much that can go wrong. In the worst case, the engine will seize up,and the cost for that kind of repair is astronomical. This is the worst case, but leading up to that, there are other factors any Houston motorist should remember.

What Vehicle Parts Does Oil Lubricate

If you schedule one of our Houston grease monkeys to come and perform an oil change, they can explain all there is to know about parts which are affected when there is an oil problem. Here are a few examples of what is lubricated, or which parts of the engine the oil sits.

Oil Pan – This is the holding position for the oil as it drains to the lowest part of the engine.

Oil Filter – This is what filters all the contaminants from the oil as it circulates around the engine. If this is blocked, you could suffer from high oil pressure, and when this happens. Something will blow.

Oil Pump – This creates the correct pressure to pump your oil around your engine.

Moving Parts – bearing, pistons, valves all need oil to operate.

For all oil changes, no matter what the vehicle, we use the correct grade as specified. We can also check all of your other fluid levels while we are at your home or place of work. This takes minutes, and it means we are making sure your vehicle won’t be hit by an unforeseen fluid shortage, and all carried out at the most affordable rates.

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