Houston Mobile Mechanic Fuel System Repair

Every driver who ventures out may have made this mistake, or will in the future. Adding the wrong fuel to your vehicle is easy to do.

You pull up, open the cap, and shove the nozzle into your gas tank. Your mind is elsewhere because you have fueled up hundreds of times. You see, the hose is a different color, and you glance at the counter. You may be halfway to filling your tank, and there is no way you can get away with a small amount of the wrong fuel.

As you stand there, pondering over what to do, you will be thinking, “Can a mobile mechanic of Houston fix my car fuel issues?”

Read on, and you can learn a bit more about this mistake. You can also see what you can do before you do any damage to your vehicle.

Why Did I Put Regular Gas in a Diesel Tank?

Diesel pumps and engines operate with a balance of compression ratios rather than ignition as in a gasoline engine. Diesel fuel also lubricates the engine, so once you add gasoline to the tank, your engine will lose all beneficial lubrication and may have metal-to-metal friction.

In many areas of your engine, you may face multiple damages and a costly repair bill.

In a situation where you add fuel to the tank, but don’t start your engine, a Houston mobile mechanic will need to drain the system and add the correct fuel.  It can be a scary time when you first start the ignition, but once you do, it should be fine.

If you add gas and start driving, then you may face a large repair bill if there is damage. However, the first thing you’ll see is that your car stops working.

I Added Diesel in My Gasoline Tank

It may be harder to do this because the pumps are now designed not to fit in the gas tanks. However, it can happen, so it’s worth mentioning. Making this mistake is less likely to require expensive repair. However, you still need to call a mobile mechanic of Houston.

Depending on the amount of gas in your tank, your vehicle may run rough, or it won’t run at all. The exhaust will also give off black smoke for as long as the engine is running while burning the diesel.

You will also hear pinking, which is the sound of the engine, and this is where the gasoline doesn’t ignite in the cylinder because it is rich in diesel.

If you drive too far, the engine can be severely damaged, so it’s best to stop and call your friendly local Houston mobile auto repair company. Ideally, they will drain the fuel, change the filters, and add new fuel before checking that everything is working smoothly.

Mobile Auto Repair Can Quickly Fix Fuel Issues in Houston

As long as you don’t drive too far, or you haven’t started your engine, then the chances of damage are significantly reduced.

It is an easy mistake, so to make sure you are never caught out in the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of the night, keep the number of your 24-hour mechanic Houston in your phone. If you have already made this error, contact Mobile Mechanic of Houston, so you can have a skilled mechanic on his way to get your car back on the road.