Most motorists face these problems at some point, or if they are unlucky, they may face them a few times. It often happens early in the day when you go to work. You get in your car and turn the key, and it doesn’t start.

It can be a recurring problem and most of the time, it does start, or it can be something that just happened. The thing to do before you call anyone is to know the top reasons car repair is needed in Houston.

Read on, and you can find the most common reasons why you have a dead vehicle in the morning.

You Find Your Battery Has Died

The number one thing you gotta check in this scenario is your car battery. Having sufficient driving experience, you’ll discover it’s mostly to blame for your car not starting, and this can be a good thing most of the time.

You might have left your lights on overnight, and as a result, the battery has been drained. If this happens to be the reason your vehicle doesn’t start, it can be an easy fix and doesn’t mean you have other issues apart from a bad memory.

If you live on a hill, you can jump-start your car by yourself, or if there is anyone around, you can use jump leads. If you are stranded, then a Houston mobile mechanic can be your savior, and it will take them seconds to resolve the problem.

You Have an Alternator Problem and Your Battery Isn’t Charging

The purpose of the alternator is to charge the battery while the car is in operation. An alternator doesn’t require too much maintenance and will last up to 10-15 years without the need for repairs. They tend to die rather than needing fixing.

If your trouble is linked to your alternator, your car will run until something drains the battery power. If you see your headlights dimming at night while driving, be sure to contact your Houston mechanic and tell him/her the symptoms, they can pick up a new alternator and replace it in a flash.

Broken Starter Motors and Mobile Houston Mechanics

Starter motors are electrical motors which connect to the battery. These spin until the engine fires.

If you hear a click when you turn the key, this is the sign of a dead battery, or it can be the starter is broken. Like the above, auto repair Houston can easily tend to this problem, yet out of the three, it is the most time consuming and costly.

In some instances, you may find you have a corroded cable, and it doesn’t push enough power to the motor. However, it could be worse. Be sure to contact Mobile Mechanic of Houston and get your car fixed at home instead of worrying about how to get your vehicle to a garage. The mechanics offer the fastest response time, yet it will be wise to contact work and tell them you will be late.